Here are some examples of the services Claire can provide:

  • Written Research/Blogs/White Papers - how a product or service can help drive today's employee learning and development.  These are objective documents based on research, data, and customer interviews. Some specific topics include informal and formal learning. preboarding new employees, employee engagement, employee well-being, and new interesting technologies in talent acquisition, learning, and employee performance.

  • Translating Classroom Learning to Online Learning -  Assistance in taking classroom training and making it effective in an online or blended learning format. Claire will review content; advise as to how to create an engaging online learning experience; assist in repurposing existing content; and, if appropriate, recommend a blended format of online and classroom learning experiences. 

  • Webinars - these come in three flavors all 60 minutes. Claire and client agree on topic and client creates promotional materials and markets event. 1) Claire presents the webinar and conducts general audience Q&A; 2) Claire present overview, data, and latest thinking on topic and interviews a client's customer(s) around how they are using product and/or service followed by audience Q&A; 3) Claire, customer, and vendor webinar. Claire presents a high level overview; customer discusses their use of product/service; and vendor concludes with additional info about the company product/service. General G&A follows  

  • Speaking - Conference keynotes or internal company presentations. These may be recorded and then licensed for use on company website or intranet.

  • Strategy and Analysis - Claire helps develop and clarify company strategies around learning, recruiting, performance, employee engagement, and well-being. She analyzes existing strategies and recommends additions and changes.

  • Workshops -  Internal, interactive session with executives or general staff around a topic related to learning, performance, or employee growth and development. 

  • Podcasts, Coffee Chats -  Choose a topic and Claire will work with client on content and format for a 10- to 15-minute online interaction.

  • Technology Evaluations - This work focuses on clients who are looking for technology solutions in talent acquisition, learning and development, and employee performance. Claire evaluates business requirements, recommends potential vendors, and assists in vendor evaluation process.

I tailor my work for each client - no cookie cutter work with Claire Schooley Consulting!