Reconnecting Business and Learning: How 9 US Organizations Are Bridging the Gap

In collaboration with 360Learning, a learning experience platform, I authored the eBook, “Reconnecting Business and Learning: How 9 US Organizations Are Bridging the Gap.” I interviewed the CLO or Vice President for Learning in nine US-based enterprise organizations with operations worldwide including McDonalds, eBay, Verint Systems, Hilton, Gilead, and more. These learning leaders felt strongly that effective learning leaders must:

  • Understand the business and be able to talk and contribute to the overall business strategy

  • Identify and analyze areas of business strategy that require learning

  • Address the business impact of learning

  • Know how to use data and analytics

  • Work collaboratively with the business in designing new content

I talk about the new workers and their expectations as well as the kind of culture essential in an organization where learning is in the flow of work. Among the powerful components of this eBook are the many quotes from leaders who are immersed in making learning as meaningful as possible in their organizations.

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The future requires the HR leader be an advocate for a change in culture and mindset that is better aligned with the workforce and one in which employees’ innovative ideas and experimentation are encouraged.