The Ultimate Guide to Customer Training

In my opinion customer training has been a neglected area when customers buy new software. A few webinars and some written documentation, often developed as an afterthought just before the software becomes available does not do the job. In the eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Customer Training” supported by Thought Industries, nine thought leaders in training each authored a chapter on a different aspect of customer training. This 11 chapter eBook covers topics from starting customer training before the sale, customer engagement and retention, making the switch from employee to customer training to measuring the ROI of customer learning.

As one of the authors, I tackled “Design the Perfect Learning Blend fo Customer Success” and “Measuring the ROI/VOI of Customer Learning.” Training your customer is a true partnership. If you provide training that helps customers use the product and you ask them about additional training opportunities they would value and act on the most valued suggestions, you turn your customers into advocates.