Create A Culture Where Employee Learning Is An Integrated Experience

Vendors are supplying a wealth of learning approaches to meet new learning requirements. But unless organizations have a focused and vibrant learning culture, they will be unable to select the best approaches for their organization. To achieve this culture -- and make the best selections of technology -- organizations should support and encourage learning as an integral part of daily work not a disconnected experience. The entire organization, including the C-suite needs to believe in and support a technology-enabled learning culture.

Here are some considerations in developing that vibrant learning culture:

  • Executive commitment and participation in learning

  • Learning content aligned to business goals

  • Group collaboration; an environment of trust; employee recognition

  • Clear expectations and measures of success within the learning culture

  • Personalized learning to learner's role and level of expertise

  • Engaging learning content that matches job competencies

  • Use of technology like video, simulations, games, and social media

  • Evaluation mechanism for feedback and corrections

  • Performance reviews to assess what employees have learned and what they have accomplished